Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride.

Eddie Merckx

I am proud to be an advocate for cycling in all forms! For me, cycling represents fun, health, community and freedom. Growing up in a single car household, we cycled as a primary source of transportation for childhood adventures. Living near a wonderful park system, a favourite route would take us down into a nearby ravine to get to tennis lessons, or just to go down to the beach. These rides invariably meant pushing my heavy steel bike back up a climb that I now know averaged 18% over 150 m to get back home! If that’s not a lesson in perseverance, I don’t know what is!

My parents were wonderfully supportive of cycling – every year or two my dad would produce a bicycle he had scouted out at a garage sale, or gotten from a neighbour. They were lovingly disassembled, cleaned up and repainted, and then put through the motions until they were outgrown. My mom would cruise along with us on a vintage Raleigh road bike, with a rack and a milk crate on the back for all our snacks and gear. I would watch her effortlessly zooming down hills and think “I’m going to have a road bike someday!”.

When I had reached my full height I was given a budget of $500 for a new bike and allowed to choose anything at all. With university on the horizon and a history of commuting, I chose a steel-framed hybrid that was my trusty steed for nearly 20 years! It was a sad day when I finally rehomed it and replaced it with a more modern commuter setup.

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