Shrimp Fishing!

When you drive around the Hsinchu area, it is not uncommon to see many people sitting in lawn chairs around shallow, aerated concrete ponds. As it turns out, they are shrimp fishing, a popular pastime here!

I’ve been intrigued by it for a while, and a friend just had his birthday party at a shrimp fishing place that is near his house. I should tell you now, we don’t live that close to the coast. It turns out that urban shrimp fishing adds convenience to the joy of fishing… by bringing it right to your doorstep!

It is pretty simple to do. First you rent a rod by the hour, with bait provided. The proprietor at our pond was even kind enough to check that the hooks and float were set to the right length. That’s all that you really need! Stick a small piece of bait on your hook and then be patient. You simply watch your float, and as soon as it moves unusually, you tug the shrimp out of the water and stick it in your net. Here we are giving it a try:

Fishing for shrimp. Photo credit: Cynthia Lapierre.

We were told the shrimp weren’t too active because of the cool weather, but each of us landed to manage a few! The best part is that when you are done they’re salted, barbecued and served with soy sauce and wasabi. Yum!

Sampling the catch! Photo credit: Cynthia Lapierre.

Want to see shrimp fishing in action? The BBC did a story about it in November, which you can watch here.

Thanks, PacSafe, for awesome service.

Last year, while we were getting ready for the adventure we are currently on, I realized that the small handbag with the busted zipper I was carting around probably wouldn’t cut it for international travel. St. John’s is the sort of city where you can use your wallet as a placeholder at the bar when you go to the bathroom, but that is certainly not true of everywhere!

Mike was a dear, and presented me with a travel handbag from PacSafe last year for my birthday. This one to be precise:

PacSafe CitySafe 100 (image from

Read on to find out about PacSafe’s fantastic service